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What You Do (and Don’t) Want in Wiper Motor Corvette Restoration Parts

Corvette restoration parts

Have your Corvette wipers stopped working as well as you’d have hoped and you know it’s not the wipers themselves? Corvette wiper motors are one of those parts of your classic Corvette that even the most devout classic Corvette enthusiast may not think of until they begin to work less than their very best. Wiper motors are just some of the many Corvette restoration parts that we offer here at CS of MD West. 

A Home for Wiper Motor Restoration 

Some may not realize this, but, one of the “dirty secrets” in the Corvette restoration industry is that many companies will solicit money and parts for “Corvette restoration,” only to take a Corvette owner’s money/parts and then ship them to another company/craftsperson to actually do the work. We would never do that here at CS of MD West. Instead, we restore it right here in our shop. There’s no exchanging it, sending it elsewhere, or anything of that nature. We restore it here in our shop with our parts and our expertise always. 

Great Restoration for Your Classic Corvette, Whether It’s on the Road… 

We know that classic Corvette owners all use their Corvettes in different ways. As such, we offer many different restoration levels so as to better serve different kinds of Corvette owners. To use an example, take our 1955-1962 Corvette wiper motors. For those that love driving their classic Corvettes, showing them off to friends, and so forth, “Type 1” restoration is a great option. This restores the aluminum services, reassembles the motor with new/re-plated hardware, and cadmium-plated parts are painted to look as they did originally.  Of course, everything is disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, and tested, among other services. 

… Or On the Dais in a Competition 

The above having been said, we understand that some Corvette owners want to put their Corvette in a judged competition, so, rightly, they want a Corvette that’s “right for judging.” For their 1955-1962 Corvette wiper motors, we recommend a “Type 3” restoration. This includes everything above, as well as re-plating (as opposed to repainting) the original cadmium-plated parts. Additionally, we can install a new actuator and re-plate the end housing with cadmium, too. Always, no matter what restoration we’re doing, we try to reuse any and all original parts as much as possible. Replacement is only a last option. 

Corvette Restoration Parts of All Kinds 

What’s mentioned above are just some of the services that we offer for restoring classic Corvette wiper motors. All of that is just for the wiper motors. So, with that level of detail, imagine what we can do with the rest of your Corvette. We don’t believe in “settling” when it comes to any aspect (or really, any part) of your classic Corvette. To find the right parts for your classic Corvette (as well as professionals who can help restore it to what you want it to be) reach out to us through our site or call. 

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