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What’s Better than Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Used Corvette parts for sale

When you read that someone has “used Corvette parts for sale,” you have to remember there are many definitions of the word “used.” “Used” could mean “used only sparingly,” but let’s be honest: that’s rarely how “used” is, well, used. “Used” usually means “heavy use over the course of many years and barely cared for or maintained, at best.” Of course, they aren’t going to tell you that. We know that so many Corvette owners gravitate towards used parts because the parts they’re looking for are so hard to find. That’s part of the reason we created our company. That way, true Corvette connoisseurs could find the parts they wanted without having to rely on used parts. 

Parts for your Speedometer 

For many of our customers, they’re looking for that specific, almost impossible to find part that could truly make their Corvette look and feel how they want. That’s where our 1963-1964 Corvette Tachometer or Speedometer pointer comes in. These pointers often break over time, as they aren’t that big. As you might imagine, since these parts are so small and so specific, they’re rather hard to find. AC Delco discontinued them some time ago. While there were reproductions, they were merely imitations. Sure, they looked right. But, for the Corvette owners who come to us, looks aren’t enough. It has to perform right, too. 

whats better than used corvette parts for sale

What the Right Speedometer or Tachometer Pointer Can Do 

The entire point (so to speak) of these pointers in the first place was to provide the right calibration. Without that, they’re just a decoration. Ultimately, that’s what those reproductions were: decorative. They were meant to look right, not do their job. So, when we offer our pointers, they do exactly what the originals did: they provide the proper balance. They can make your speedometer or tachometer work properly, should that be the problem. If you’ve been looking for a pointer for years, you’ve come to the right place. 

Corvette Speedometer Restoration 

However, for many of our customers, the problem wasn’t just the broken pointer: it was the circumstances that lead to the pointer getting broken in the first place. If your engine doesn’t work, fixing a flat tire isn’t going to make the car go again. That’s why, before you purchase these pointers, you have to make sure that the problem isn’t really the speedometer or tachometer itself. 

Corvette Services and Used Corvette parts for sale

We can repair your speedometer or tachometer to the point where they work exactly as they should. If your unit needs rebuilt, you don’t want to leave that kind of service to someone who just got into Corvettes a year ago. Here at CS of MD West, we’ve been providing Corvette services for people who truly love Corvettes since 1977. Now, we put that experience to use for you and your Corvette. Whether you need your tachometer rebuilt, speedometer rebuilt, or anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (760) 568-6450. 

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