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Our facility is closed to the public. Please contact us for an appointment before stopping by in person.

Why it Matters where you get your Corvette Parts and Accessories

Why it Matters where you get your Corvette Parts and Accessories-

 It’s not just about the parts. Sure, you can get car parts practically anywhere. Some places might have better prices than others, yes, but car parts are available in most places. Classic car parts can be rarer, certainly, but the car parts can be purchased, particularly online. Corvette parts and accessories, like Corvettes themselves, are different. It’s not just about getting a part that works, and it isn’t even about getting the right part. It’s about getting the right part for your exact Corvette. We’ve been providing all different kinds of parts for Corvettes for decades.

Only Corvette Parts and Accessories

You’ve probably heard the phrase “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That might not be exactly true, but it’s sure easier to work each day doing something that you absolutely love. Well, we love Corvettes. We don’t just sell some parts for Corvettes intermixed with parts for all other kinds of cars, even classic cars. No, we sell parts only for Corvettes. Instead of spreading ourselves thin, and trying to appeal to as wide a base of customers as possible, we’re trying to appeal to a more narrow range of customers: people who genuinely love Corvettes.

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Rare Parts for Corvettes

Corvettes, like us, aren’t getting any younger, alas. These vehicles are decades and decades old at this point. Many of them, to keep running as well as they have, require substantial changes or renovations. We offer many of the rarest and hardest to find parts. You can get parts for C1 Corvettes, as well as C2 and C3. If you come to our location and can’t find the exact part you’re looking for, that’s not a problem. As we’re always bringing in new parts, we may have something coming soon enough. On top of that, you can always give us a call. We might be getting something in soon, or we could be able to reach out to our contacts to help you find that part.

Parts from Corvette Owners

Not only are we devout Corvette owners ourselves, but our company is also made up of different kinds of Corvette owners. Just like you, each of us use our Corvettes in different ways. That means that plenty of us take our Corvettes into competitions. So, we know the parts, look and more that you’ll need to be competitive and advance within a contest. By that same token, many of us just want our Corvettes to look great and run as well as possible. So we can help your Corvette to reach that goal, too. Of course, as Corvette owners, we’ve sold Corvettes before – which means we have the parts to help you maximize the resale value.

Restoration, NOS, and More

Those are just some of the kinds of parts that we offer. Whether you need parts that were made in the glory days and never used or reproduction parts made to exacting specifications or anything else, call us at (800) 638-6450.

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