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You Asked For Them, You Got Them: Bumperette C1 Corvette Parts

C1 Corvette parts

Have you been looking for C1 Corvette parts that don’t seem like they’ve seen better days? Does it feel like everything you’ve found online for a C1 Corvette is no longer of the quality that you would consider putting on your Corvette? These vehicles are, for the most part, more than sixty years old at this point. Of course the parts are going to have been worn down a bit. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer top-quality reproduction parts for these Corvettes. Recently, we just got back in, after several requests, bumperettes and bumpers.  

Bumpers to Boost Your Corvette 

As of this writing, we’re offering new reproduction front license assembly kits for 1958-1960 Corvettes and for 1961-1962 Corvettes, respectively. The former includes two vertical bumperettes, a lower license bar as well as a front license bracket, two 58-60 frame supports and a complete mounting kit. The latter contains all of that, it just substitutes those frame supports for two that fit 61-62 Corvettes. With these, you’ll be able to transform your C1 Corvette to what it used to be (and very possibly make it even better than ever). 

Bumperettes a la Carte 

If you just need the bumperettes for your Corvette, we don’t believe that you should have to buy an entire kit to get to them. To that end, you can also purchase 1958-1962 Corvette bumperettes here, too. When we made these, we wanted to create the best reproduction bumperettes possible. So, we made sure to reproduce them with the most exacting detail. To wit, you’ll note that the curve on the front is correct and the spot welds on the lower bracket are correct as well. Those are just some of the ways we were able to get these bumperettes right due to our complete retooling. 

What Sets These C1 Corvette Parts a Part 

We created these parts, as we do so many others, for the most particular customers. Why? Because, frankly, many of us here at CS of MD West fit the bill as “the most particular customers.” We certainly are when it comes to our own Corvettes. Sure, these bumperettes and bumpers can make any C1 Corvette look its very best on the road. But, they’re also just as good for competitions that don’t include racing, too. For example, if you’re thinking of getting your car judged through NCRS, Bloomington, or the like, these bumperettes can pass the test. 

Quality Parts for Classic Corvettes 

These parts can help to transform your C1 Corvette, to make it what you’ve always wanted it to be, restore it to what it was, and the like. That said, we don’t limit the products we offer to those for C1 Corvettes. Indeed, you can find the parts you’ll need for C2 and C3 Corvettes as well. To see everything that we have to offer discerning Corvette owners, you can look through our catalog or give us a call. 

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