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Your Exhaustive Search for the Best Corvette Side Exhaust Parts is Over

Corvette Side Exhaust

Are you the kind of classic Corvette owner who wants the best parts for their Corvette no matter what? Have you grown weary of searching online for Corvette parts only to find the selection and quality are so much lower than you would prefer? That’s where we come in. At CS of MD West, we offer the kinds of Corvette parts that true Corvette connoisseurs install on their cars. A great example of this: our 1965 through 1967 Corvette Side Exhaust parts. As of this writing, we offer side exhaust covers with upper mouldings. 

Corvette Side Exhaust

A (Literal) Blast from the Past 

These side exhaust covers put the “production” in “reproduction,” so to speak. Literally identical to the naked eye (or the judge’s eye), these parts are sure to please in all means necessary. If you’ve ever tried searching for parts like these online, then you’re probably all too aware that GM stopped selling high quality covers way back in the 70s. We understand that these are bold words, but we encourage Corvette owners to compare our reproduction side exhaust covers to NOS parts and see which comes out ahead. 

What All You Get 

This is a “set,” which means that you’ll get the upper mouldings as well as a set of mounting hardware. That means you’ll get u-nuts that have the “M” logo you would expect on each part. (Of course, judges expect to see this, too). These have the kinds of wrinkle-free bends and crisp lines that your Corvette deserves. The fiberglass liners, instead of being a similar color to the original parts, are the right color. The inside of the anodized aluminum covers contain securely bonded fiberglass heat shields, so that you’ll get the “looks” and the performance that you and your Corvette deserve.

How We Built These Parts 

First off, we started in the right place: with the original blueprints. Then, we used those to contract all new tooling for the covers. We built the tooling and then moved on to the final adjustments. If it sounds like we went through this process quickly, we did not. In fact, we did the opposite. All told, this was a three year project to make sure that the parts looked and operate exactly as they should. See, the tooling we use is entirely new and of our own creation. So, we made it in such a way that there are no gouges or the other “tooling marks” that you may have seen on other parts over the years. 

What Separates These Corvette Side Exhaust Parts from the Rest 

Simply put, they’re the most accurate parts to replace the originals. The only way you can find parts that fit your car better would be to somehow trade your Corvette in for a time machine. While we’re proud of these parts, they’re just one of the many, many kinds of parts we offer for a Corvette. You can see our catalog here or call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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