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Your Exhaustive Search for the Best in Corvette Side Exhaust Parts is Over

Corvette side exhaust

Are you deep into your search for the best Corvette side exhaust parts but feel stuck? Does it seem like each “high-quality side exhaust part” you find online is somehow of lower quality than the last? The truth is that, when it comes to your Corvette, you refuse to settle. There’s no “good enough,” there’s just “less than the highest quality.” If that’s the case, then you’re exactly the kind of Corvette owner we love here at CS of MD West. We offer Corvette parts and services for the Corvette owner who will not accept mediocrity, and our side exhaust parts are no exception.

Corvette side exhaust

Corvette Side Exhaust Covers 

As of this writing, we offer 1965-1967 Corvette side covers that are of the absolute highest quality. They can be installed easily on 1963 and 64 Corvettes, too. To construct all new tooling for the covers, we didn’t rely on our memories or “the eye test” or anything like that. Instead, we went out and got a set of the original blueprints. Then, we constructed the tooling and took many, many, many adjustments. If that sounds like it took a long time, it did – three years, in fact. All of that work has paid off tremendously – due to the new tooling, you won’t find any tooling marks (i.e. gouges) that you’ll find on parts that were made with the original tooling. 

What Sets These Apart 

Simply put, these are the most accurate parts to replace the original covers. That comes from many factors, starting with the strong definition you’ll find throughout the covers. You can see the crisp lines and the complete absence of wrinkles in the bends. Speaking of what you’ll see, the fiberglass liners are the right color. They have the dark grey you’d expect, and moreover, you’ll see the fibers, too. So, they’ll look, feel, and operate exactly like the factory-installed covers (if not even better). 

Details (and Smaller Parts) Matter 

If you purchase the upper mouldings kit, you’ll also get a set of the mounting hardware at no extra charge. That includes the correct “u-nuts.” We use the word “correct” because, well, they are. They have the “M” logo on each part, just like the originals did. That means that they’ll pick up those judging points, unlike the generic replacement U-nuts. It’s just one more way that our attention to detail shines through. 

Beyond Side Exhaust Parts 

We wrote this blog about the side exhaust parts because they’re some of the more sought-after parts that we offer. That said, they’re far from the only kinds of parts that we sell at our site. Indeed, you can find just about anything you’ll need for your C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes. While these parts that we’ve mentioned here are reproductions, there are plenty of restoration and NOS parts available at our site, too. Plus, we’re always getting more in. To talk to someone about how we can help, just call (800) 638-6450. 


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