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C3 Corvette Parts to See a Better Future for Your Corvette

C3 Corvette Parts

Are you searching for C3 Corvette parts but haven’t seen anything good enough for your Corvette? Whenever you do come across a part that would fit your C3 Corvette, do you find yourself rationalizing how “it’ll be good enough” and “I guess it’ll be fine”? We don’t believe you should have to do that. Instead, we think you should be enthusiastic about everything related to your classic Corvette. Those are just some of the reasons we offer top-quality classic Corvette parts. 

NOS, reproduction, restoration, and more – if there’s a great Corvette part, we’ll offer it to our customers. It’s important to note that the parts we’re mentioning in this blog are just some of the parts that we’ve recently gotten in. This is just a “snapshot,” so to speak, of everything we offer. Depending on when you read this, some of these parts may be gone, but, you can rest assured, we’ve gotten several new ones in as well. 

No Such Thing As “Too Small a Part” 

Here at CS of MD West, we’re proud to offer the parts that make your Corvette run. That said, we’re also proud to offer so many of the parts that your Corvette doesn’t need to operate, but that classic Corvette enthusiasts still want for their Corvettes. Just because it’s not part of the engine, the wheels, or something similar, that doesn’t mean that your classic Corvette should go without. 

A great example of this that we’re currently offering is the 1978 Corvette NOS Rear Gas Door Emblem. This is as narrow and niche a part as there is – it was only used on 1978 Corvettes and no other model. As you most likely know, 1978 was Corvette’s 25th anniversary, so all 1978 Corvettes had this particular emblem. 

This isn’t a reproduction, restoration, or anything like that. No, this part is as “NOS” as it gets. How NOS is it? It’s still in the original GM box, the same box it’s been in since 1978. The layperson may not notice if the rear emblem is correct on your Corvette. But, for those who will, we offer these classic Corvette parts. 

NOS Parts That are More Than Just The Parts 

We believe in, whenever possible, offering classic Corvette owners more. When you go online to buy parts, so often, we’ve found, parts sellers are trying to get away with giving you less. That’s not how we operate. Whenever we can find a way to give our Corvette owners more for their buck, we will. A good example: the 1970-1972 NOS right Front Marker Lamp currently available on our site. 

Sure, like so many of our other NOS parts, these come in the original GM box. But, in our effort to give Corvette owners even more, the lamp was made with the original tooling and molds. No reproduction parts here. This is original in every sense of the phrase. This very well could be the part that restores your C3 Corvette how you want it to be. 

“Never Been Opened” 

There’s a level of NOS parts that goes beyond the regular “NOS.” It’s one thing to have NOS parts in the original box, it’s something else to have NOS parts in the original box that has never been opened, period. If you open the box this part is in, you will be the first person to do so. That’s how NOS these parts really are. 

The 1968-1977 Corvette Anti Theft Relay we’re offering comes in that never-before opened original Delco Remy pull string box (remember those?) The part itself is used to control the alarm horn on your Corvette. 

C1, C2, and C3 Corvette Parts 

These are just a small sampling of the parts we offer for your C3 Corvette. Of course, these are an even smaller percentage of all of the classic Corvette parts that we offer in general. C1 Corvettes, C2 Corvettes, restomods, and others – if there’s a way to make your classic Corvette better, you can most likely find a part to do so here at our site. 

We’re always getting new parts in, too. So, if none of these parts fit your classic Corvette, just check back in later. Then, the odds are good that we’ll have plenty of other parts that can get the job done. To see what we offer and how we can help, give us a call or go through our site. 


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