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Miles Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Miles Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Have you been looking at used Corvette parts for sale and haven’t found any used Corvette parts you would actually want to be? Do the used parts you see feel far too used to be a part of your Corvette? That’s perfectly understandable. When it comes to classic Corvettes, these cars are decades old, meaning that their parts have decades worth of wear and tear. Thus, it can be that much harder to find quality parts. That’s why we offer NOS, reproduction, and restoration parts whenever possible. 

NOS Parts 

Recently, we made a 1964 Corvette NOS speedometer available at our site. We did open the original box, but only so that we could test it for accuracy, and quality. This works just as well as it would have had you opened the box in 1964. The odometer reading really is zero. Only for use in 1964 Corvettes, this is the apex of quality, function, and authenticity. But, if you need a speedometer that isn’t from 1964, we can help there, too. We can rebuild, repair, and/or restore your speedometers as well as tachometers and plenty of other gauges, too. We also have many restored speedometers available for sale. 

Reproduction Parts 

As classic Corvette enthusiasts ourselves, we only offer reproduction parts that we feel would be good enough for our actual Corvettes that we own. To that end, we’re proud to offer parts like the 1967-1968 Camaro/Firebird Windshield Washer Pump Kit. This “kit” truly includes everything you’ll need: a new plastic 2-piece 90-degree value complete with o-ring seal, a new rubber bellows with an improved spring seat/retainer as well as four mount screws. One of the many benefits of that new bellows: you can use it to return your pump to its original working condition. 

Restored Parts 

There are some parts that, for a variety of reasons, we stopped offering reproductions of. However, in many cases, we still do offer restored parts. One example: the 1963-1967 Corvette Restored Headlight Motors you can find at our site. We offer them for 1963-1967 Corvettes. We do have plenty of dates available, too. As you probably know, these headlight motors have to deal with so much throughout the years of operating in a classic Corvette. Beyond these parts, we can rebuild and restore the dated components in many headlight motors, returning your original motor in the condition you want. 

Better Than Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

Those are just examples of some of the parts that we offer which aren’t used parts. However, at our site, you’ll find many, many more. C1, C2, C3 Corvette Parts, Restomods, and more: if you’ve got a classic Corvette, odds are we have parts and service that can help. To see everything that we offer, just head to our site and see what we’ve gotten in. If you’d like to talk to one of our Corvette experts, just give us a call at (800) 638-6450.

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