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Beyond Tachometer Repair for Generations of Classic Corvettes

Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette tachometer started to not keep up with the rest of your vehicle? Has it stopped working as well as it once did? Did it stop working entirely? Your tachometer isn’t just another one of those meters on the dash – it’s an important part of your vehicle. That’s true whether your Corvette goes into contests, goes onto the road, or just goes into your garage. We offer the kind of tachometer repair, products, and more to get your Corvette to its very best. 

Restored Tachometers 

We provide repairs to tachometers that need it. We can do that for your tachometer. Or, sometimes, we offer restored tachometers for anyone on our site. Case in point of the latter: we’re currently offering a 1963 Corvette restored buzzer tachometer 6500 redline. Entirely rebuilt, it has been calibrated properly and is ready to hit the road. As you may know from this particular tachometer, it was essentially impossible to hear the buzzer when you were at full redline. We offer these restored  tachometers and others so that you can have the correct part for your Corvette. 

Reproduction Tachometers 

Sometimes, the best “repair” for your Corvette tachometer is simply to get an entirely new tachometer, one that’s a complete reproduction. An example of this that we have at our site right now: the 1977 Corvette electronic tachometer assembly 5600 redline. Yes, it is an exact reproduction of the original. If you look at it, if you install it in your Corvette, it will seem exactly as the original did. However, there is one crucial difference: the circuitry has been improved. Manufactured by a licensed AC Delco supplier, this is just as good as the originals on the outside and even better on the inside. 

Speedometers Too 

The tachometer isn’t the only meter on your dash, nor is it the only one that may stop working on you. We offer speedometers (and speedometer repair) too. Like our tachometers, they are built when preferred. If you go to our site now, you’ll find that we’re offering a C2 1965-1967 Corvette restored original speedometer.In a hurry and need your speedometer repaired? Order our restored speedometer, and we will send a return label and purchase your worn out speedometer. 

More Than Tachometer Repair 

sThe above having been said, if you need parts for a Corvette that’s going to be judged, in many cases, we can help you there. You can find any number of top quality parts and accessories for classic Corvettes from across generations here. We do many of the reproduction parts ourselves, working from original blueprints with cutting edge, modern technology. To see everything that we offer, just come to our site. To talk to a Corvette parts and accessories expert, you can call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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