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What Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair Can Do

Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette speedometer stopped working? Does your tachometer never move, no matter how fast your Corvette gets? These are real problems, regardless of whether your Corvette runs the road or the dais. There are some Corvette owners who are able to ignore something like a malfunctioning speedometer or tachometer, averting their eyes whenever they’re behind the wheel. Those aren’t the kinds of Corvette owners that we tend to deal with. For the best in Corvette speedometer and tachometer repair as well as restoration, CS of MD West has got you covered. 


Tachometer Repair and Restoration: the Facts 


Do you have a Corvette tachometer from between the years of 1953 through 1974 that isn’t working properly? If so, we can either repair it, rebuild it, or restore it. These mechanical tachometers have to be properly calibrated. Otherwise, they won’t be accurate. We have our own, specific machine that’s just used to properly calibrate these tachometers. In fact, we stock every single one of the parts that we use in our tachometer repair, rebuilding, and restorations. Plenty of these parts we’ve reproduced on site. 


The Details that Matter 


For demanding Corvette owners, simply having a properly functioning tachometer isn’t enough. It has to look exactly right, too. That means having the same “look” as it did many years ago. That’s why, for 1959-1974 tachometers, we made sure that we can accurately re-screen the artwork that appeared on the original tachometer face. This intricate screening process makes for an exact duplication of the original graphics. To be clear, these do not “look like “the original graphics, nor are they “similar to” the original graphics. They look exactly, perfectly the same. 


Repair Specifics  


As you may have noticed if you’ve read this far, there is no detail that’s too small to be considered when it comes to your tachometer. So, to use our 1953-1962 tachometer services as an example, for $125 plus parts, you’ll get tachometer disassembly, cleaning, the case restored, the internal mechanisms rebuilt or replaced, and finally, a complete calibration. That’s just the beginning. If necessary, you can also opt for refacing, corrected revolution counter, as well as refinishing of the instruments, new lenses, refacing, and more. Every tachometer is different. We’re always glad to talk to Corvette owners to figure out how we can best serve them as well as their Corvette. 

Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer Repair

           Corvette Speedometer and            Tachometer Repair

Don’t Forget the Speedometer 

You may have read to the bottom and thought: “that sounds great, but my tachometer is running fine right now. What about my speedometer?” We can repair, rebuild, and restore those here as well. If your speedometer’s pointer is broken, it’s emitting an odd noise, the needle jumps to and fro, or any other speedometer problem, we can fix that. Of course, we can do a lot more than just fix your speedometers or tachometers. Our catalog of Corvette parts is vast and expansive. Moreover, we’re always adding to it as well. To see everything that we have to offer, head to our site or call (800) 638-6450.


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