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Corvette Restoration Parts: the Revival of Your Classic Car

Corvette Restoration Parts

Have you been looking for the best in proven classic Corvette parts? Does it seem like all of the used Corvette parts that you come across were far too used to do much of anything for your Corvette? If so, we very well may be able to help. Here at CS of MD West, we restore classic Corvette parts to the best condition possible. Before our Corvette restoration parts are offered to our customers, we make sure that they meet the highest standard: our own. 

Corvette Restoration Parts to Match Your Corvette 

As of this writing, we offer a restored 1963-1967 original headlight motor for the passenger side. This part was built with parts that have specific dates. So, we can exchange those. Why? To make sure that the part best fits your car. To be clear, there are many different dates available. That way, you can get the right date for your classic ‘Vette. 

Additionally, this isn’t some restoration part that we farmed out to someone else. Our Corvette restoration parts are restored right here in our facility. That way, we’re able to ensure that these are good enough for you and your Corvette. 

Restored Parts That Are Hard to Find 

Many of the restoration parts that we offer are for parts that have been difficult to find for some time. Case in point: we currently offer a 1968-1976 Corvette Restoration Original Alarm Horn. If you’ve seen these, then you know it is genuinely a horn. An alarm horn in a “trumpet style,” we’ve restored this original part to its working condition. 

We believe so much in this restoration part that we guarantee it for one year from the date of purchase. 

Restoration Parts Ready to Be Installed 

We understand that, for many of you, when you get your restoration parts, you want to install them into your Corvette right away. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our 1958-1962 Corvette Restoration Pair of Wiper Transmissions. This is an original pair that has been newly restored and is absolutely ready to be installed in your Corvette today. 

We began restoring and offering these parts because so many of you told us how your wiper transmissions had seized up, the internal springs broken over time, or some other problem. 

If you’ve got old rebuildable cores, don’t throw those out. We’ll be more than happy to purchase those and take them off of your hands. 

More Than Restoration Parts 

What’s listed above are just some of the restoration parts that we offer here at CS of MD West. There are many, many other kinds of parts that we can restore. Indeed, if you have a classic Corvette part that maybe could be restored, reach out to us to see how we can help. 

Of course, we offer more than restoration C2 Corvette parts, too. You’ll find plenty of reproduction parts and even NOS ones as well. 

To see what we offer, message us through our site or call. 

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