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A Powerful Alternative to Used Corvette Parts for Sale: Reproduction Parts

Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Have you been looking for parts for your classic Corvette but are coming up empty? When you look at different reproduction parts, do they seem like something that just wouldn’t be right for your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that we offer top-quality reproduction parts here at CS of MD West. Our reproduction parts are significantly better for Corvettes than used Corvette parts for sale might be. 

As classic Corvette owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have the right parts in your Corvette. So, we make and offer reproduction parts that look and feel exactly like the originals. Moreover, we make sure that they provide the performance you require as well. 

Fuel/Gas Tank Sending Unit to Send Your Corvette Onto the Road 

So many of the reproduction parts that we offer have the look of the original parts but feature technological advancements. Case in point: our 1968-1974 Corvette Fuel/Gas Tank Sending Unit. While this includes strainers in the original style, it also features stainless steel construction and is ethanol-resistant. 

Ignition Coil to Ignite Your Ride 

When folks look at the reproduction parts they offer, so often they say something to the effect of “It looks just like the originals.” That’s the point. A fine example of this: the Delco Remy Non-Transistor Ignition Coil that we’re currently offering. Brand new licensed GM restoration parts, they feature the Delco Remy logo on the top and the raised lettering on the case – just like the originals.

Unlike many of our parts, which are exclusively for classic C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes, this is the rare part we offer that could be utilized for other GM vehicles as well. 

Better Than Any “Knock Off” 

Many of the reproduction parts that we offer are in response to what our customers have told us. Specifically, it’s in response to what they’ve told us about parts that are hard to find, or what’s available out there is of low quality. For example: there are many kinds of “knockoff” hubcaps for 1965 Corvettes. But, while those may have a nice look to them, they aren’t year-specific. 

That may not sound like a big deal to some classic Corvette owners, but to other classic Corvette owners, it’s important to get all of the details right. For those owners, we reproduce hubcaps that are just right for your ‘65. 

Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

Reproduction parts can be a great asset for your Corvette. After all, many of them are made out of materials that are going to stand the test of time moving forward. However, that being said, there are other options available at our site. NOS Corvette parts, for one, aren’t “exactly like the original parts” because they are the original parts – never (or very lightly) used since back in the day. 

We also offer restoration parts in addition to being able to restore many of our customers’ parts. To see how we can help, check out our site or call. 


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